Sites must remain clear of any clutter and clean of trash. Any cargo trailer or flatbed trailer being pulled by a motorhome must fit on your site and is subject to a $150 fee paid in cash upon arrival. A site with an RV may not have a separate, enclosed tent. An enclosed tent RV attachment must have an open entrance and see-through windows. One shed maximum per site.


Vehicles must be parked on your site and your site only. Vehicle parts and car accessories must be hooked up or underneath your trailer. No vehicle repair or car maintenance may be performed on-site. No mini bikes or motorized vessels to be ridden around the park.


Children must always be accompanied by their parents. Children are not allowed to ride anything motorized around the park.


Please secure trash in a bag and put it in the dumpster by the bathrooms.


Clotheslines are not permitted.


A $15 fee is to be paid to the office when using water to clean your RV.


No ground fires or fire pits are allowed. Do not put barbecue grills directly on the ground or picnic tables. Propane fires are permissible.


Tenants are not allowed to rent, lease, or allow any person or persons to occupy the trailer or premises without express permission from management.


Do not carry or discharge any type of firearm in the park. This includes BB guns, air pistols, firecrackers.


Dogs must be kept on a leash always, and dogs are not to be leashed on sites without the owner present. Please pick up after your pet. Dog food bowls are not be left outside.


We do not allow cats.

Quiet hours

Quiet hours are 9 p.m. to 8 a.m.


Guests may not walk around the park with an open container. Drug use, intoxication, and profanity will not be tolerated.

Swimming Pool

The pool is open from dawn until dusk. Swim at your own risk. Proper bathing attire required - no casual shorts or street attire, T-backs. No alcohol at the pool.


All overnight guests must register in the office. An overnight guest fee is $10 per night and for children $5.


The Caladesi RV Park does not offer refunds, but fair credit to return another time will be issued. All reservations less than a month are due in full at the time of reservation.